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Buying a Country Home

Buying a Country Home

The market for country homes has boomed over the past few years. More and more households are choosing this kind of property, either for retirement or the desire to live in a more tranquil setting that is closer to nature.

Purchasing a country home requires as much planning as the purchase of property in a more urban setting. Before buying, it's just as important to consider the surroundings, available services and quality of construction, as it is to evaluate your needs and the consequences this purchase will have on your budget.

Step One: Define Your Needs

In order to assess your needs, first think about your preferences and lifestyle. How often will you use your cottage? Do you prefer water sports or downhill skiing? Are you the host with the most, or do you prefer peace and quiet? Are you a do-it-yourselfer at heart? How far are you willing to travel between your main residence and your country home? Will you escape to your country getaway every weekend all year, or will you rent it out for a season or two?

Step Two: Find the Perfect Location

The value of a home is greatly measured by its environment and its accessibility. In general, buyers look for a comfortable home where they can enjoy the great outdoors and their favourite activities during all seasons. By finding accessible surroundings that match your lifestyle, you can fully enjoy your investment.

Make Sure You Budget!

Remember that a country home entails significant fixed costs such as insurance, taxes, heating, phone bill, electricity, water, as well as the investment of time and money for travel and upkeep. Caring for the lawn, flowers or garden, as well as renovations as years go by can represent substantial expenses. Make sure that the amounts required for your country home are compatible with your budget.